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Sep 01, 2014 Volume 99
Office of Academic Links(China)
Student Interflow Programmes

- A Record High Participants in the 7th CUHK Summer Research Placement Programme for Mainland and Taiwan Students

- CU in Mainland & Taiwan - Student Interflow Programmes coordinated by OALC

Academic Exchange Activities

- Invitation to participate in 2014 Academic Symposium on Big Data

- Invitation to the Public Lecture by Dr. Shan Jixiang, Director of the Palace Museum, Adjunct Professor in the School of Architecture and Senior Research Fellow (Honorary) in the Art Museum, CUHK

2014 Academic Symposium on Big Data
Funding Opportunity

- Taiwan Collaboration Fund

- The Association of University Presidents of China (AUPC) Visiting Scholars/ Visiting Administrators Scheme

Executive Exchange

- Invitation to the 15th Training Course on Management of Mainland Higher Education

- The 2nd Summer Institute for Mainland Higher Education Executives


- Visit by Vice-President of Southeast University

- Delegation from China Jiliang University

The delegation of Southeast University meets with CUHK representatives
Forthcoming Events

Major forthcoming activities (including VIP visits and academic exchange activities) which will be organized and /or coordinated by OALC in September 2014 are set out as below. If you have any collaboration proposals, please contact us via

:: Student Interflow Programmes
:: Academic Exchange Activities
:: Funding Opportunity
:: Executive Exchange
:: Visits
:: Forthcoming Events

Please send enquiries,
suggestions and contributions to

Contributions should be sent to the office by the 22nd day before the issue month.


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