New Asia College Mentorship Programme 2013/14 Inauguration Ceremony

The New Asia College Mentorship Programme 2013/14 Inauguration Ceremony was successfully held on 2 November 2013 in the New Asia Gymnasium. Over 250 friends of New Asia, alumni and students participated. This year, the numbers of mentors and mentees are 106 and 213, the College would like to thank friends and alumni for their fantastic support.

It has been 12 years since the programme was established in 2000. Thanks to the tremendous support from the New Asia College Alumni Association, the College opened the recruitment of mentors to all alumni who graduated five years ago or more. The College has been maintaining over 250 participants per year since 2011.


Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, experience and psychological support perceived by the recipient as relevant to personal growth and professional development. Mentees have the chance to look beyond the classroom and learn from mentors who are professionals and experts from different walks of life. The programme also allows our alumni mentors to give back to their alma mater by serving as role models and leaders. It is hoped that they can help this generation of students see their way to reach their goals.


A career talks day will be held on 18 January 2014. As well as two keynote speeches, various career workshops will be held and mentors are invited to share their expertise with students.


If you are alumni of New Asia College and would like to become a mentor, please watch out for the recruitment emails sent out by the college in July or August each year. You are most welcome to contact us for details.


For enquiries, please contact Mr. Kelvin Cheung(Tel: 3943-1816; Email:


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