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- 2012 CAE Academicians Visit Programme cum Lecture Series

- The 5th Writers @CUHK



Chinese Academy of Engineering Academicians Visit Programme cum Lecture Series


A delegation of 4 Academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) visited The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) under the CAE Academicians Visit Programme from 11 to 14 December 2012. The delegation comprised Prof. Gong Huixing from the Division of Information and Electronic Engineering; Prof. Xue Qunji from the Division of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; Prof. Cui Junzhi from the Division of Civil Hydraulic and Architecture Engineering; and Prof. Yu Mengsun from the Division of Health Engineering.


The delegates were warmly received by Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor, senior colleagues of CUHK including Provost Prof. Benjamin Wah; Pro-Vice-Chancellors Prof. Jack Cheng, Prof. Xu Yangsheng; Pro-Vice-Chancellor Designate Prof. Fok Tai Fai; Dean of Engineering Prof. Wong Ching Ping, and faculty members from Engineering, Medicine, Science and Earth Sciences. Members of the delegation paid visit to the Departments of Electronic Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Mathematics, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, Joint Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Therapeutics, Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory, Multimedia Laboratory. Touring research facilities of the University, delegates were given reports on the latest research developments. Representatives from CUHK and CAE took the opportunity to exchange ideas and explore possibilities for further collaboration.


On 12 December, the academicians delivered public lectures for the Lecture Series by Academicians and shared their expertise with audience on campus. Prof. Gong Huixing talked about the development of Infrared astronomy technology; Prof. Xue Qunji presented his research work on 'Architecture of Hard yet Tough Tribology Films/Coatings', Prof. Cui Junzhi gave a presentation on chemical, metallurgical and materials engineering; and Prof. Yu Mengsun delivered a lecture on biomedical engineering. More than two hundred people including academics, researchers and students of CUHK and other institutions were attracted to join the lectures.


CAE Academicians Visit Programme was launched by the University in 2008 to promote academic exchange with CAE. For information about the past programmes, please visit For more information about 2012 CAE Academicians Visit Programme, please visit Lecture Series by Academicians





The 5th Writers @CUHK


The fifth Writers @CUHK was held in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) from 5 to 8 December 2012. The programme was co-organized by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of CUHK and the Chinese Writers Press Group with the support from the Office of Academic Links (China) of CUHK. Guests paying visit to CUHK were Mr. A Lai, a Tibetan writer and Mr. Zhao Yu, a renowned writer in documentary literature.


The two writers delivered public lectures on CUHK campus, which attracted about 180 people. Mr. A Lai shared his view on Tibet and Mr. Zhao Yu gave a lecture on documentary literature. Both of them also met with representatives from Chinese Language and Literature Department of CUHK for academic exchange.

CAE Programme: The delegates were warmly received by CUHK representatives

CAE Programme: Prof. Gong Huixing

CAE Programme: Prof. Xue Qunji (in the middle)

CAE Programme: Prof. Cui Junzhi

CAE Programme: Prof. Yu Mengsun

The 5th Writers @CUHK: Mr. A Lai (2nd from left) and Mr. Zhao Yu (1st from left) meets with representatives from Chinese Language and Literature Department of CUHK for academic exchange

The 5th Writers @CUHK: Mr. A Lai

The 5th Writers @CUHK: Mr. Zhao Yu

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