2024 Jun | Volume 195

AI – Your Work / Study Assistant

As technology advances, AI is becoming an integral part of our work and study. Here's how it can assist you.

Graduating Soon? Your Checklist before Graduation

Before you graduate this summer, make sure you go through the following checklist, but keep in mind, you must do it before your graduation date!

Research Computing: Empowering University Researchers
The ITSC Research Computing Team (RCT) plays a crucial role in supporting our researchers' endeavors. They manage and operate our Central Research Computing Cluster, a powerful resource for advanced research.

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Enabling 2FA on all Application Authentications

ITSC Student User Consultation Committee ---Your Feedback, Our Action

Dept IT Staff: Register LAN Admin for Better Connection to ITSC!

Stay Vigilant Against Online Scams and Risks

Top 3 Most Viewed Knowledge Articles

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