26. 05. 2019    ISSUE 19

Student Development Portfolio: Information Update and Report Application

The Student Development Portfolio (SDP) is a university-wide electronic platform for capturing and presenting students' Experiential Learning Activities (ELA) under the whole-person development framework namely I·CARE.  Its major functions include viewing of ELA offered by various units of the University, updating and maintaining participation records, and producing ELA Report to showcase learning achievements.

Every year, this Centre issues a free ELA Report to the immediate graduates to better prepare their career development and further studies.  For those who will graduate in the 2nd term of 2018-19 (based on the graduate list from Registration and Examinations Section, Registry), please make the application for the ELA Report here by 2 August 2019 (Friday).

To ensure that the graduates' information will be fully incorporated into their ELA Reports, all University units that organise ELA are requested to (1) complete all records of the University Experiential Learning Activities (UELA) of its unit in 2018-19 in the SDP platform by 3 July 2019 (Wednesday); and (2) upload the participants' lists of all checked UELA of its unit to the SDP platform by 26 July 2019 (Friday).

For more information about the SDP, please click here.  If there is any enquiry, please contact Ms. Hui of this Centre at 3943 3714 (Tel) or vickyhui@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Student Development Portfolio: Information Update and Report Application

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Student Development Portfolio: Information Update and Report Application

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