2022 Apr | Volume 188

E-Interdepartmental Billings and Transfers (e-IBT) in CUSAP

In May, new functions and workflow will be launched in CUSAP for handling interdepartmental billings and transfers (IBT). This is one of the e-forms/workflows of the CUSAP E-Workflow Project jointly developed by Finance Office and ITSC.

Its key features and benefits are

  1. Paperless, E-Records & Transparent
  • Use e-forms and emails instead of paper forms
  • Allow tracking transaction status online
  • Data can be retrieved anytime and downloaded into Excel for analysis
  1. New Approval Experience
  • Pre-approved funding source from paying party (for most service billing cases) OR
  • E-approval by budget holder / delegate as endorser (for most fund transfers)
  1. Auto-email notification to contact person of paying party and Weekly Summary Email to Budget Holder

  2. Auto-submission of IBT to FNO in a few days after sending out email notification (except the payee raises any concerns)

  3. Easy IBT creation, as the platform allows
    • pre-filled input fields and search functions
    • copying old IBTs to facilitate recurring billing/transfer
    • mass creation via Excel upload

Currently, the new IBT and functions are under pilot run among frequent users. When it is about to roll out in May, you will hear more via training sessions and emails from Finance Office. Payment between departments and units will no longer involve papers soon! 

Enquiries / Comments: CUSAP@cuhk.edu.hk

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