13. 10. 2019    ISSUE 22

Mother Nature Rocks (1st Tour): Open for Enrolment

This Centre will launch a brand-new programme titled Mother Nature Rocks aiming to encourage students to explore the city's countryside and to experience the Mother Nature afresh.

In this term, Plain Hiker is engaged to assist the Mother Nature Rocks in running four hiking tours.  Features of eco-tourism, backwoods cooking, stargazing and photography, etc. will be incorporated into the tours to bring participants new perspectives on the astonishing beauty of nature.

The 1st tour of the Mother Nature Rocks on "Caving × Wading × Hiking" is now open for enrolment.  All full-time students are welcomed.  Details are as follows:

Date:20 October 2019 (Sunday)
Time:10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Route:Shing Mun Reservoir > Needle Hill Mine Cave > Tai Shing Stream > Shing Mun
  Reservoir (the actual trail may vary depending on the weather conditions of the
Language:Cantonese, supplemented with English
Quota:25 (on a first-come-first-served basis)
Fee:Free of charge
Enrolment:Please click here
Deadline:11:59 pm of 13 October 2019 (Sunday)

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Ng of this Centre via 3943 9249 (Tel) or enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Mother Nature Rocks (1st Tour): Open for Enrolment

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