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香港市民對核心價值及政商關係態度意見調查 2016【2016年11月】






香港貧窮問題意見調查 2017【2017年1月】 


中國效應電話調查 2017(香港部份) 【2016年2月】








Centre for Quality of Life

2 December 2016
Report Release of the CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index 2015
Description: The quality of life in Hong Kong generally declined in the past year and has declined for the second consecutive year. The Economic sub-index has decreased for the ninth consecutive year; the Health and Social sub-indices worsened
Website of the report:

17 January 2017
Report Release of Results of the Quarterly Survey (December 2016) on Public Perception of the Economic Conditions
Description: Indices of Consumer Confidence, Consumer Sentiment and Employment Confidence are reported. All indexes improved as compared to the last quarter.
Website of the report:


Centre for Social and Political Development Studies

A Comparative Study of Mainland China's Impact on Hong Kong and Taiwan
- Telephone survey [Hong Kong] (starts from 16 Feb. 2017)

A Comparative Study of the Social Image of Taiwan and Hong Kong
- Telephone survey [Hong Kong] (1–14 Dec. 2016)

Impact of Social Mobility on the Political Attitudes and Behaviours of Young People: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao
- Funding source: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, Central Policy Unit, HKSAR
- Project no.: 2015.A4.011.15C
- Final report: Submitted in November 2016

Public Attitudes towards the Development of Hong Kong and Mainland China
- 38th telephone survey (11–19 Oct. 2016)

Survey on Hong Kong Values 2016
- Telephone survey (15–27 Nov. 2016)

Voting Behaviour in the 2016 Legislative Council Election
- Pre-election telephone survey [1st] (29 May–10 June 2016)
- Pre-election telephone survey [2nd] (11 Aug.–2 Sep. 2016)
- Post-election telephone survey (6–24 Sep. 2016)
- Post-election telephone survey [follow-up] (9 Sep.–14 Oct. 2016)

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