24. 03. 2019    ISSUE 17

I·CARE Salon (17th Session): A Hundred Year's Reflection towards 1919

The I·CARE Salon, which is under the University Lecture on Civility, had its 16th session successfully held on the 1st of this month.  At his talk Historical Fissures - A Poet's Political Practice and Reflections, Mr. Chung Yung-feng shared his views and rethink about the political development in Taiwan basing on his own experience.

As for the 17th session of the I·CARE Salon, it has already been fixed with the title A Hundred Year's Reflection towards 1919 and will be presided by Prof. Zhu Xueqin*.  Details are as follows:

Date:12 April 2019 (Friday)
Time:7:00 - 9:00 pm
Venue:Lecture Theatre 1, Cheng Yu Tung Building
Host:Prof. Chow Po-chung (Associate Professor of Department of Government and
Public Administration)
Registration:Please visit here

For enquiries, please call this Centre at 3943 8621 or email to icare@cuhk.edu.hk.


*Speaker's Biography:

Prof. Zhu Xueqin received his Doctor of History from Fudan University and had served as a Visiting Scholar in Harvard University.  He is currently Professor in the Department of History in Shanghai University and Director of Peace and Development Studies Centre, Shanghai University.  Prof. Zhu specialises in history of social thinking, and one of his research topics is on social changes and gradual alteration of thoughts in modern China. His publications include, inter alia,《道德理想國的覆滅 —— 從盧梭到羅伯斯比爾》, 《風聲 ‧ 雨聲 ‧ 讀書聲》, 《書齋裡的革命》, 《中國與歐洲文化交流志》, 《思想史上的失蹤者》and《被遺忘與被批評的》.

I·CARE Salon (17th Session): A Hundred Year’s Reflection towards 1919

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