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Note: Each student must create individual account to apply for courses
注意: 每個學生必須創建個人帳戶才能作課程報名

Notes to applicants 報名須知
Applicants need to submit the following documents during the online application:

1. 上傳 學生證副本 / 學生手冊的個人資料頁 作核實學生的個人身份(必須)
To upload Student ID Card copy / Student Handbook (personal particulars page) copy for verification of student identity (compulsory)

2. 最新的學校成績單副本,相關證書或獎項的副本等(可選)
Copy of Latest school report, related certificates or awards, etc. (optional)

3. 學校/老師推薦信(可選)
School/Teacher Recommendation letter (optional)

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