2019 Feb | Volume 179

Use Qualtrics(Pilot) to Conduct Online Survey

Having online surveys for your course, projects or society? Qualtrics can be your option!

This online survey solution has been widely used by universities around the world which allows their staff and students to easily create, design and distribute surveys. We received user feedback suggesting Qualtrics. They expressed the lack of certain features in our current survey solutions, MyCUForm and CU Webform, ITSC therefore contacted the company and received an institution-wide pilot offer.

Qualtrics is now available for staff and students as a pilot run by May 2019. The usage will be reviewed by the project team if continued subscription will be arranged.
Try it now!

Login: https://cuhk.qualtrics.com (via CUHK Login)
Details: https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/it-announcement/major-projects/1026-qualtrics

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Use Qualtrics(Pilot) to Conduct Online Survey

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