YUNA 20th Reunion

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of YUNA (New Asia/Yale Student Exchange Program), an "old biscuits" (former participants of YUNA) reunion dinner was held at Yun Chi Hsien on August 16. More than 70 old biscuits (out of a total 161 across the years,) joined the event. The Reunion was grand but homely.

Apart from having Professor TAM Siu Mi Maria give the welcoming remarks and Professor WAN Yau Heng Tom present on the latest College developments, we were so delighted to have Karen Kwan (2004 YUNA) as guest speaker, who, making innovative use of her airline working experience as metaphor, shared her amazing YUNA stories with us. Edmond Lau (1997 YUNA) also gave a speech and mobilized old biscuits to further contribute to the "Achievement Awards", which are scholarships funded by YUNA old biscuits since 2003.
The Reunion concluded sensationally with the singing of the College anthem under the lead of Professor S
HUN Kwong Loi, College Head and Sammy Leung (1994 YUNA and famous TV & Broadcast host).


New Asia College comprises many things: buildings, history and world-renowned professors, but it is the alumni who make New Asia College what it is today!     

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