Aug 2018     Issue 8
BME Team Shines in Brain-Computer Interface Hackathon

A team from the Department of Biomedical Engineering "Phoenix" won the first place of the IEEE EMBS 2018 Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) HACKATHON in Honolulu. This competition, which attracts developers, technologists, engineers, students, and scientists from around the world, is organized by IEEE EMBS (Engineering in Medicine and Biology society) and IEEE Brain. Members of "Phoenix" worked around the clock to brainstorm and build solutions for the BCI project, finally succeeding in using brain motor imagery signals to control in real time both the external orthosis robot hand and the software-based BrainRacers Unity game.

The winning team comprised three PhD students: BAO Shichun, WANG Xin and FANG Yuqi.

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