Aug 2018     Issue 8
Enrouting to a new age of engineering

As our society becomes increasingly driven by technology, more and more emphasis has been placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education.

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to equipping our students with the knowledge and skills, to advance technology for the benefit of the society, and nurturing next-generation leaders in various engineering disciplines. Besides classroom learning, we endeavour to expose them to an intellectually stimulating environment by offering our students a wide range of alternative learning activities to strengthen their practical and research skills.

This includes a placement and internship programme to help students gain practical experience, a summer research internship, and scholarship programmes to develop students' research skills to prepare them for their graduate studies. For example, we operate a summer exchange with the Yao Class in Tsinghua University to learn from some of the top computer science students in the world. We also enter many local and international competitions to allow students to hone their skills and innovations.

The Faculty of Engineering also engages with secondary schools and the general public to promote STEM and encourage participation in STEM-related activities. In particular, we have launched a mini-lecture series to introduce secondary school students to technologies that are indispensable to our modern society and that benefit humanity; some examples include robotics and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, green technologies, and financial technology. Furthermore, we organise an annual summer camp for secondary school students, which gives them the opportunity to explore what engineering is all about and to gain hands-on experience with engineering design. We are also organising events for the upcoming HK SciFest in April 2019 to showcase our Faculty's innovations and to explore the engineering principles behind those innovations in a fun and accessible manner.

Prof. Anthony SO Man-cho
Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Faculty of Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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