Press Conference

Centre for Quality of Life

3 November 2016
Press Conference on the release of CUHK Hong Kong Quality of Life Index 2015
Speakers: Prof. Chong Tai Leung, Prof. Ng Sai Leung, Prof. Ting Kwok Fai, Prof. Wong Hung
Time: 3pm
Venue: HKIAPS Conference Room (Rm 505, Esther Lee Building)


Centre for Youth Studies

3 January 2017
Press Conference on the release of findings of a recent mobile phone survey of "Youth Political Participation and Social Media Use"
Speakers: Prof. Fung Ying Him Anthony, Prof. Wong Wai Ho Wilson Wong, Prof. Stephen Chiu
Venue: Room 208, Humanities Building


International Affairs Research Centre

7 October 2016
Press conference on the release of survey on the Global Vision of Hong Kong Senior Secondary Students
Description: Sponsored by the Quality Education Fund and in collaboration with Roundtable Education, IARC has conducted a questionnaire survey on the global vision of local senior students and the factors contributing to the difference among them.
Venue: HKIAPS Conference Room (505, Esther Lee Building)

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