New Faces

A number of new teaching and non-teaching staff members joined the School of Biomedical Sciences between September and December 2012, including:

Teaching Staff Members

Dr. WONG Wai Kai, Assistant Lecturer

Date of Joining the School: 3 September 2012




Prof. Andrew CHAN, Professor

Date of Joining the School: 27 September 2012

Thematic Affiliation: Cancer and Inflammation

Research Interests:
1. Cancer Cell Signaling
2. Regulation of PTEN Tumor Suppressor
3. Ras-related G-proteins and Human Cancer 

Prof. Eugene PONOMAREV, Assistant Professor

Date of Joining the School: 19 December 2012

Thematic Affiliation: Neuro-degeneration, -development and Repair

Research Interests:
1. Immunological aspects of the regulation of inflammation, particularly  the role of tissue resident macrophages (microglia) in the regulation of autoimmune inflammation in the central nervous system (CNS) and the role of platelets in the initiation of inflammatory response in the CNS.
2. The role of microRNAs in adaptation of macrophages and microglia to CNS microenvironment.
3. The role of brain-specific glycolipids in lipid rafts of astrocytes and neurons in the regulation of CNS inflammation.
4. The role of platelet-lipid raft interactions in the regulation of neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and development.

Non-teaching Staff Members

Mr. IP Wing Sun Paul, Executive Officer II

Date of Joining the School: 14 November 2012                            

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New Faces

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