Aug 2018     Issue 8
CUHK Wins the Most Awards at "Challenge Cup" National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final 2018

The university received 18 awards in the "Challenge Cup" National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final – Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018. The "Challenge Cup" National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final was organised by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, with 188 projects submitted by some 560 participants from 19 tertiary institutions.

List of CUHK Engineering awarded projects:

AwardName of ProjectName of StudentsAffiliated Department
Category: Innovation
First-Class and Innovation AwardAn Efficient Assessment Tool for Child Speech Disorders Based on Intelligent Speech TechnologyNG Si Ioi, JIANG YiDepartment of Electronic Engineering
First-ClassDesign and Control of a Biomimetic Robot Fish With Active Body and Compliant TailXIE FengranDepartment of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Second-Class and Innovation AwardCapillarized Myocardium Biochips for Personalized TherapeuticPANG Tak Keung Bruce, OOI Hon SonSchool of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Second-ClassDevelopment of a High -speed Stealth Laser Dicing System Based on Multi-depth Bessel BeamsLEE Hiu HungDepartment of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Third-ClassIoT Fuzzer: Discovering Security Vulnerabilities in IoT through App-based FuzzingCHEN Jiongyi, SUN MenghanDepartment of Information Engineering
Third-ClassICOvisorYING Yau Kit Stanley, Simon WONG, Max LAM, Renee LEUNG, LAM Yip Fu, CHOW Chi ChoiDepartment of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, Quantitative Finance Programme, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
MeritThe detection of content of DEHP in food by the combination of NADP/NADPH Assay Kit and EnzymesCHIU Wai On, FOK Chi Hong, LAM Hon Sum, LIM Lok PingDepartment of Biomedical Engineering, Cell and Molecular Biology Programme
MeritThe smart water dispenser that assists visually impaired peopleCHEN ZetaoDepartment of Information Engineering
MeritLarge scale artwork painting for architectural designs using a cable-driven robot with serial robot arm end-effectorTAM Sau WaiDepartment of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
MeritThe AuLaitinoSZE-TO Koon Fung, LAW Chi Leung, LAI Chun KitDepartment of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Category: Entrepreneurship
First-ClassTreasure Home-used Pill ManagerIAM Wai Yin, Chapmann Cheuk-man LI, (Nathaniel HO, HUANG Chuen-Wei, TSANG Ming Hei)Department of Biomedical Engineering, (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Open University of Hong Kong)

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