Volume 8 No. 4 July 2011
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Science Building Named after Dr. Run Run Shaw

CUHK held a naming ceremony for the Run Run Shaw Science Building on 4 July. Located on a hillside on the central campus of CUHK, the building is named after Dr. the Honourable Run Run Shaw.

The event was officiated by Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng (above right), Chairman of the Council, and Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung (above left), Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, and attended by guests including Mrs. Mona Shaw (above centre), Chairman of The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited.

The Run Run Shaw Science Building is the first building in Hong Kong with an original design that caters for scientific experimental needs in a manner that complies with the strictest international standards. Now a landmark of the University, the building has won the 2006 Hong Kong Institute of Architects Merit Award—Community Building Category for its superior architectural design. It is named after Dr. Shaw in recognition of his staunch support and wise counsel to CUHK over the years.

Dr. Shaw's long association with CUHK began over four decades ago when he became a member of the Board of Trustees of United College in 1967. After serving as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of United College and a member of the University Council for many years, Dr. Shaw was appointed a Life Member of the University Council, and Honorary Chairman and Life Member of the Board of Trustees of United College in 1992. Since 1967, the various generous donations from Dr. Shaw to the University have made possible many projects, in particular the creation of Shaw College with a donation of HK$110 million in 1986. Dr. Shaw and The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited also made a magnanimous donation of shares of Television Broadcasts Limited of about HK$100 million in value to CUHK in support of the University's development, as well as scholarships and bursaries for the students of Shaw College in April this year.

Professor Sung expressed his deepest appreciation to Dr. Shaw for his unfailing support to CUHK's development over the years. He also thanked Mrs. Shaw for gracing the naming ceremony with her presence. Professor Sung said, 'Dr. Shaw's achievements and contributions to society are exemplary for the young generation.... As we come to our 50th anniversary, the University is deeply grateful for the continuous support from Dr. Shaw and The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited. We will continue to strive for academic and research excellence, to further contribute to the betterment of mankind.'

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