Farewell, SHHO Graduates!

To send best wishes to the College's first batch of graduates and to express sincere gratitude to their remarkable contributions to the development of a new college, S.H. Ho College 2013 Graduate Class Farewell Dinner was held on 27 May in Ho Sin Hang Hall for students, family members, College members and Overseers. The dinner was filled with warm memories and touching stories.

It was the first time that students joining in the march-in, a procession of 20 led by the President of the first Student Union of the College Mr. Wayne Hung. At the high table were Dr Tzu-leung Ho, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers, Overseers Mr. Thomas Liang, Mr. Brian Li, Master Samuel Sun, Dean of Students Prof. KB Wong, and the student representative Mr. Albert Chu.

Master Sun said in his speech that the batch of graduates were special in the sense that they had contributed to the establishment of a new college. During the interview back in 2010, many of them said the reason they chose SHHO was that they wanted to build and to create, whose spirit of adventure and innovation was what the College needed most. Three years went past. SHHO made it through from no campus, no student, no alumni, nor history. Yesterday's deficiency, difficulties and struggles have grown into today's sweet memories.

Student representative Mr. Wayne Hung also recalled his past three years in SHHO – from dining at the borrowed Benjamin Franklin Canteen to today's modern Ho Sin Hang Hall; from living tentatively in I-House to their own student hostels. On the same occasion, Dr Tzu-leung Ho presented Whole Person Development Gold Medals, Excellence Contribution Awards and Excellent Student Activities Awards to 7 graduates to honour their outstanding performance in sports, music, artistic creativity, leadership and social services.

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Farewell, SHHO Graduates!

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