Aug 2019     Issue 11
Prof. Michael Lyu Received Ministry of Education Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award

Prof. Michael Rung-Tsong LYU, Chairman of Department of Computer Science and Engineering has received the second-class award in Natural Sciences from the Ministry of Education (MoE).  His project is titled "Reliability Prediction and Evaluation towards Software Services".
The award presentation ceremony was held on 19 June at Hong Kong Baptist University. Ms. Sharon Ko Yee-wai, Acting Deputy Secretary for Education, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Dr. Clement Chen Cheng-jen, Chairman of the Council of Hong Kong Baptist University, Mr. Liu Zhiming, Deputy Inspector of the Education, Science & Technology Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR, Mr. Li Naiyiu, President of Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Center, presented the prizes at the ceremony.
The complex, large-scale and highly dynamic operating environment of modern service-oriented systems make many traditional software reliability technologies no longer applicable. Prof. Michael Rung-Tsong LYU and Prof. Zibin ZHENG of Sun Yat-Sen University worked together to predict and evaluate the reliability of service systems. The main research results include: (1) Put forward the research problem on personalised reliability prediction of user-centered service-oriented systems, and deeply mine similar user information to provide personalised reliability prediction for current users. (2) Design a key module identification algorithm and a framework for selecting the optimal fault-tolerant strategy, facilitating system developers to quickly locate key modules that need fault tolerance and dynamically select appropriate fault-tolerant strategies. (3) Propose a reliability mechanism of user collaboration and quality of service evaluation methods, obtain personalised reliability data, and release a real-world research dataset. The dataset has been used by scientific institutions and enterprises in more than 40 countries, and it is employed in experiments, with over 200 published papers. Relevant research results have generated more than 100 academic papers, including two ESI high cited papers, 30 transactions papers, three top conference best papers, with 5,500 Google scholar citations in total, cumulative SCI index over 800 times, and a single paper cited up to 520 times. The proposed algorithms have been effectively applied in industry.
About Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards
The Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology) is set up by the MoE to recognise outstanding research projects at all tertiary institutions in mainland China. Since 2009, Hong Kong's tertiary institutions have been included in the scheme. The award is presented to individuals or units who have made remarkable contributions in the areas of scientific discovery, technological innovation, science and technology advancement and implementation of patented technologies. The Natural Sciences Award honours researchers who have made discoveries in natural science and applied science, or given explanations to natural phenomena and characteristics. The Technological Innovation Award honours individuals or units who have made important technological innovations with products, processes, materials and systems by using scientific and technological knowledge. 

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