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Nov 01, 2013 Volume 87
Office of Academic Links(China)
Executive Exchange Program

14th Training Course on Management of Mainland Higher Education in Tsinghua University

The 14th Higher Education Management Training Programme was held in Tsinghua University from 9 to 16 October, 2013. The programme was organized by Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Ministry of Education (MOE), and Education, Science and Technology Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in HKSAR.

A total of 29 participants from 8 tertiary institutions in Hong Kong took part in the program. The five representatives of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) were from United College, Office of Academic Links, Office of Academic Links (China), Information Technology Services Centre and Graduate School.

The course comprised of a series of lectures on higher education, judicial systems, national defense, as well as the political, social and economic developments of Mainland China. Participants also visited Peking University and met with MOE officials and representatives of Tsinghua University for exchange of ideas in higher education. The 8-day program provided a great opportunity for participants from Hong Kong tertiary institutions to obtain valuable knowledge on higher education sector and the recent developments of Mainland China.

14th Training Course on Management of Mainland Higher Education at Tsinghua University

CUHK participants at the closing ceremony of the 14th Training Course on Management of Mainland Higher Education at Tsinghua University

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