The New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China 2016/17 (1st Lecture)

In view of China's recent rapid growth, the College has held the "New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China" starting from 2012, with the aim of arousing public awareness and discussion on China's development.  Scholars and public figures from various professions are invited to deliver lectures on issues related to the economy, society and environment of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.  The first lecture of the New Asia Lectures on Contemporary China 2016/17 was held in the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, CUHK on 5 October this year.

It was our honor to have Professor and Director of East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore, Prof. Zheng Yongnian as the speaker.  He is a political scientist and political commentator on China who has studied and written on many aspects of contemporary China and especially on Chinese politics. The topic of the lecture was "The China Model and Its future of Democratization".  


Prof. Zheng mentioned that the China Model is exists objectively. However, most people like to judge and discuss China Model from the perspective of beauty, and rarely discuss it from the perspective of rationality and objectivity. This leads to the problem of politicization and moralization. He also emphasized that no matter how China reforms or changes, China is still China, and will never become any other country. Therefore, the factors that consolidated 'China as China' are the core factors of the China Model. Prof. Zheng investigated the unique political-economical model of China, and showed that the achievement of China is related to the China Model.

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