Lee Woo Sing College Alumni Association, CUHK - Membership Application Form 香港中文大學和聲書院校友會 - 入會申請表格

Note for Membership Application

Membership Fee
Life Members: $300 (Originally $500)

Payment Method
1. By crossed cheque: Payee is “The Chinese University of Hong”. Please put down your name and contact method and “Lee Woo Sing College Alumni Association” on the back of the cheque and mail to the College Office of Lee Woo Sing College (Address: 1/F, Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building, College Office, Lee Woo Sing College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong).

2. By bank transfer: Please bank in the membership fee to the Hang Seng Bank account of The Chinese University of Hong Kong: (024) 293-005005-018. After finishing the payment, please write down your name and contact method on the back of the receipt and mail the receipt to the College Office of Lee Woo Sing College (or through email: wsalumni@cuhk.edu.hk).

Benefit of membership
1. Members with "Alumni Card" can enjoy 20% off discount at Lee Woo Sing College catering outlets (WS Pavilion, The Harmony, Cafe Tolo and The Green)* ;
2. Members can reserve the music room no.1 (piano) and no.2 (band), fitness room and barbeque area**;
3. Members have priority in enrolling activities held by the Alumni Association with special discount.
* Such discount offers are subject to seasonal changes and the final decision of Lee Woo Sing College.
** Students of Lee Woo Sing College have priority to use such facilities. All users must follow instructions to use the facilities. After reservation, members must register at the lobby reception counter and gain access to those facilities through 'one-day pass'.

1. Please upload one passport-size photo (or send to wsalumni@cuhk.edu.hk). Photo size of '40mm W x 50mm H' is recommended.
2. The Alumni Association will proceed the application after receiving membership fee and concerned photo.
3. Please ensure that applicants' email addresses and mobile numbers are correct for membership confirmation and further contact.


永久會員費用:$300 (原價$500)

1. 銀行支票:劃線支票抬頭請寫「香港中文大學」並於支票背面寫上「和聲書院校友會」、姓名和聯絡電話,並寄回:「香港中文大學和聲書院院務處」轉「和聲書院校友會」

2. 以轉賬付款:請將金額存入「香港中文大學和聲書院校友會」戶口 [號碼:(024) 293-005005-018] ,並在存根上寫上姓名和聯絡電話,寄回「香港中文大學和聲書院院務處」轉「和聲書院校友會」(或電郵至wsalumni@cuhk.edu.hk)

1. 會員憑有效的校友證於和聲書院師生飲食中心、滬軒、Cafe Tolo和綠茵廊用膳,可享有8折優惠*;
2. 會員可預訂及使用書院之一號 (鋼琴室)及二號 (樂隊房) 音樂室、健身室和燒烤場**;及
3. 會員可優先參加由校友會舉辦的各項活動並享有優惠。
* 優惠因應季度隨時作出更改,和聲書院保留此優惠的最終決定權
** 和聲書院學生有優先使用權,使用場地時需依照各場地之使用規則。會員預訂後,需到大堂櫃檯以校友證登記,並換取「一天通票」(one-day pass) 進出書院設施。

1. 請上載證件相一張 (或電郵至wsalumni@cuhk.edu.hk)。證件相的建議尺寸為 "40 毫米 (闊) x 50 亳米 (高)"。
2. 校友會將在收到會員費用和證件相之後,方會處理入會申請。
3. 請確保申請人的電郵地址和手提電話號碼正確無誤,以便確實會員資格和往後聯絡事宜。