(FAA)校友會聯會學生活動資助申請 - 個人資料 FAA Student Activities Fund - Personal Information

(FAA)校友會聯會學生活動資助申請 - 個人資料 FAA Student Activities Fund - Personal Information





The Federation of the Alumni Associations of the Chinese University of Hong Kong delegates in supporting registered student bodies to organize diverse and meaningful student activities and individual students to participate international or regional competitions and conferences.

The FAA Student Activities Fund opens for application twice a year. All undergraduate students and registered student bodies are eligible for application. Creative and meaningful activities which aim to enhance students’ exposures and let students establish a strong connection with the community are preferred.

Your personal information should be submitted via the webform. All collected information will only be used for OSA to contact the related society for the Student Activities Fund and other student activities related issues.

如有任何疑問,請致電3943 5909向司徒先生查詢。
For enquiry, please contact Mr. Szeto at 3943 5909.