Online Form for Booking of Music Equipment

Please go through the rules & regulations for booking the music equipment (h before submitting the online application.

After submission, an automatically generated email will be sent to acknowledge the receipt of your application. Upon successful reservation, you will receive a confirmation email issued by the DoS Office. Please bring along your Student ID for identity verification to collect the music equipment(s) at DoS Office (UG09). You are required to pay a deposit depends on the number of music instruments requested: 1 item for $200, 3 for $500 & $800 for more than 5 items. The penalty for late return is $100 for each item. For lost and damaged item(s), you will need to make a full compensation and the deposit would be forfeited.


遞交申請後,受統將自動發出電郵通知,成功申請者將收到輔導處發出的確認電郵,請帶同學生證前往書院學生輔導處繳交按金。書院會按借用樂器的數量收取按金:一件二百元、三件五百元,五件或以上則收八百元。 (逾時歸還樂器者,每件樂器將會收取一百元。如樂器有損壞或遺失,按金會被沒收,再按情況或損壞程度作出賠償。)