Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change: Guided Tour to the Museum (In-person or Online)

Application Form

Notes on Application 申請須知:

1. Group of 10 visitors or more may apply for guided tour service by completing this application form.

2. Guided tour service is available during the opening hours of the Museum.

3. Applications (first-come, first-served) can be made between one month and three months in advance of the intended visit date.

4. Group leaders are responsible for monitoring the behaviour of group members in the Museum at all times. Visitors are requested to observe the following guidelines:
(a) To avoid any damage to the exhibits and the display cases, please do not lean on the walls or display cases, or use them as writing surfaces.
(b) Please do not use any writing tools to point on the exhibits when writing or drawing during your museum visit.
(c) Video recording is not allowed in the Museum.
(d) Eating and drinking is prohibited in the Museum.
(e) To minimize the disturbance caused to other visitors, please do not run and be quiet in the Museum.
(a) 為免破壞展品及展示櫃,請勿靠倚牆壁或展示櫃,或在其表面書寫。
(b) 如需於參觀期間書寫或繪畫,請勿以書寫工具指向展品。
(c) 請勿於館內拍攝錄像。
(d) 館內嚴禁飲食。
(e) 請保持安靜,切勿奔跑及喧嘩,以免騷擾其他參觀者。

5. Museum staff reserve all rights to intervene or stop prohibited activities and behavior, and to order the visitors concerned to leave the Museum immediately.

6. The Museum reserves all rights to change the time, contents and arrangement of all activities.