MoCC Group Visit Application 賽馬會氣候變化博物館:團體參觀申請表

MoCC Group Visit Application 賽馬會氣候變化博物館:團體參觀申請表

Notes on Application 申請須知:

1. Any group of 10 to 20 persons may apply for guided tour service using this application form. 此申請表適用於10 至 20 人的團體導賞申請。

2. Guided tour service is available during the MoCC opening hours. 團體導賞團於賽馬會氣候變化博物館開放時間內進行。

3. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications should be made between one month and three months in advance of the intended visit date. 本館將按先到先得方法處理申請。團體可在參觀前一個月至三個月內作申請。

4. Group leaders are responsible for the behaviour of their groups in the Museum at all times. Visitors are requested to observe the following guidelines:
(a) Please do not lean on the walls or display cases, or use the walls or cases as writing surfaces. This helps keep the exhibits safe.
(b) If you would like to write or draw during your museum visit, please be careful not to point with your pencil or other objects, as this can endanger the exhibits.
(c) Please do not videotape in the Museum.
(d) Please do not eat or drink in the Museum.
(e) Please do not run, push or make loud noise in the Museum. Appropriate museum behavior is necessary to avoid accidentally damaging the exhibits or bumping into other visitors.
(a) 請勿靠倚牆壁或展示櫃,或借助牆壁或展示櫃表面書寫,以免破壞展品及展示櫃。
(b) 如需於參觀期間書寫或繪畫,請勿用筆尖或其他物品向四周指劃,以免破壞展品。
(c) 請勿拍攝錄像。
(d) 請勿於館內飲食。
(e) 請保持安靜,切勿奔跑、推撞及喧嘩,以免破壞展品或騷擾其他參觀者。

5. The Museum staff will intervene to stop prohibited activities or behaviour and may order the visitors concerned to leave the Museum immediately. 本館職員有權制止參觀者於博物館範圍內作任何不當行為,例如破壞展品或騷擾其他參觀者,並可要求該參觀者即時離開。

6. The MoCC reserves the right to change the time and content of, and arrangement for, the activity. 賽馬會氣候變化博物館保留更改活動時間、內容及安排的決定權。

Arrangement under Inclement Weather惡劣天氣安排:
1. When typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted or black rainstorm warning is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, the Museum will be closed and all group visits will be cancelled. 如天文台發出八號或以上颱風訊號或發出黑色暴雨警告,博物館將會關閉並取消所有預約參觀。

2. School visits will be cancelled in accordance with the announcement made by the Education Bureau. 如教育局發出取消學校上課的公佈,該天的預約學校參觀將會取消。

3. In the case of cancellation of visits due to the above-mentioned situations, group leaders may contact the museum staff at 3943 9632 to reschedule the visits. 如因上述情況而取消參觀活動的團體,請致電 3943 9632 與本館職員聯絡,本館會因應情況安排參觀時間。