The Chinese University of Hong Kong

CUHK Business School - Undergraduate Office

Internship / Graduate Placement Programme

Dear employers,

Thank you for your generous support of offering internship and placement opportunities to CUHK Business School undergraduate students.

Students will be available for:-

1. Summer Internship
Students engage in internship from June to August.

2. Semester Internship - Part-Time
Students work as part-time throughout an academic year.
(Students are eligible to work for less than 18 hours per week during fall/spring term)

3. Semester Internship - Full-Time
Students apply for a suspension of studies from the University and working as full time for one or two semesters.

4. Graduate Trainee Program
Graduates will be available for placement of Graduate Trainee Program from early June to a suggested time frame of 1 year.

5. Graduate Placement Program
Graduates will be able to obtain full-time position via this program.

Our office provides preliminary screening and offer top tier students to employers. We can also line up candidates with specific scope or specialization to appropriate companies and positions.

Please do not hesitate to contact for further information.

Best regards,
Student Development and Career Planning Division
Undergraduate Office
CUHK Business School