Cultural Fun@i-LOUNGE Series (25 & 29 January 2024)

The workshop will be held at the i-LOUNGE on 3/F Yasumoto International Academic Park. Limited seats!
Language: English
Free of charge!

Taste of Tajikistan - Feel the Friendship
25 Jan 2024 (Thu) | Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
From the 1325km Pamir Highway cutting across deep valleys to the beautiful turquoise blue lake named after Alexander the Great, Tajikistan is an uncut diamond waiting to be discovered by adventure seekers. Sit with us as we enjoy the famed hospitality of our Tajikistani guests through food while exploring the country and learn why their travel slogan is called Feel the Friendship.

Music of the World: A Journey through Indigenous Instruments
29 Jan 2024 (Mon) | Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
Music is a universal language that connects us across cultures. However, many indigenous musical cultures are at risk of extinction due to globalization and assimilation. We have invited a special guest speaker and performer who will introduce us to a variety of musical instruments and sounds from different indigenous communities around the world for an evening of sounds and rhythms.

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