DSCCC Application for Admission to BD Programme
崇基學院神學院神道學學士課程入學申請表 2023-24

入學申請須知 Important Notes to Applicants

填寫本表格前,申請人必須細閱《申請須知》 (https://www.theology.cuhk.edu.hk/tc/admissions)
Applicants MUST read the "Important Notes to Applicants" (https://www.theology.cuhk.edu.hk/en/admissions) before completing this form.

申請步驟 Application Procedures

1) 個人資料 Personal Particulars
2) 學歷及工作經驗 Academic Qualifications & Working Experience
3) 教會及推薦人 Church & Referees
4) 其他事項 Others
5) 上載證明文件 Upload Supporting Documents
6) 聲明 Declarations

截止報名日期 Application Deadline For Final Round
27 March 2022

查詢 Enquires
彭小姐 Ms Hazel Pang
Phone: 852-3943 1091 | Email: admissions@theology.cuhk.edu.hk