Want to have some fun during the term break?

Chinese Chess (aka Xiangqi) has been played for hundreds of years and is today still one of the most popular board games in the world, played in China and across Asia. The game is similar to chess, that people who know the rules of chess usually pick it up easily, but also with distinctive Chinese cultural elements, like the unique “knight block” rule and the “Chu river and Han border” on the board.

Come and join the workshops to enjoy your term break by learning and playing a new board game with your peers!

1. No need to worry about the Chinese characters, we have prepared the sets with graphical pieces for you ;P
2. Though it is not mandatory to participate in all the four workshops, you are strongly suggested to participate in the first one as it is the one that teaches the rules.
3. Participants who complete specific challenges in the workshops will receive a graphical Chinese Chess set (worth 25 USD) as a gift

Date & Time: 28/12 (Tue), 30/12 (Thur), 4/1 (Tue), 6/1 (Thur), 15:00 – 16:30
Venue: WMY 402
Speaker: David Kwan (Champions of multiple local & international tournaments)
No. of participants of each workshop: 10-20
Target audience: Complete beginners, non-local students preferred
Language: English
Content: Rules, basic skills, cultural and historical stories, related psychology fun facts