[PERMA Series] Explore Your Colours - Personality Dimensions® 性格透視® - 顏色探索之旅

Everyone is different and we come in all varieties. Understanding our own values, strengths, joys and stressors as well as those of people we interact with provides a great foundation for communication. Knowing the diversities and similarities among us assures us that we are perfect in our own way.

Personality Dimensions® is the latest evolution in presenting Personality Temperament Theory. It is about understanding yourself and others so you can be more effective in your relationships, your work, and your life.

Through the workshop, you can have an exploration of your personality styles and personal development, at the same time, learn specific strategies for adjusting communication with others by recognizing and appreciating the diverse styles.

Date: 23 April 2021 (Friday)
Time: 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m.
Format: Online (through Zoom)
Targets: Full-time CUHK Students
Quota: 30
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese
Deadline of Application: 7 April 2021 [Successful applicants will be informed by email by 9 April 2021]

1. Successful participants must complete the online Personality Dimensions® test during 9 - 14 April 2021. Those who fail to do so will be deemed as forfeiting their places, which will be taken up by students in the waiting list.
2. This workshop requires active participation and sharing. Please make sure you find a place that allows you to speak via microphone.
3. Participant who is late for more than 15 minutes will not be able to participate.
4. A certificate will be issued upon satisfactory participation.