iBond Music Show - Across the Borders

iBond Music Show - Across the Borders

Co-organized by various non-local student associations and Office of Student Affairs, the iBond Music Show will fill you with loves and bring you a soothing afternoon through music.

With this year's theme of "Across the Borders", we need YOU to make this show one to remember. Amid COVID-19, we are going through a very difficult and uncertain situation. Therefore, we need to stay connected. Let's spread joy with each other as we come together with songs. Details are as follows:

Date: 4 November 2020 (Wed)
Time: 5-6pm
Format: Livestreaming

Live Performers:
Myles Ng, International Student Association
Joyce Lee, Malaysian Students' Association

Special Guests:
Prof. Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor
Prof. Alan Chan, Provost

In this show, you will enjoy the joint performance by the “virtual choir” formed by 27 local and non-local students too!

Enquiries: lces@cuhk.edu.hk