United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Nomination Form for 2021-2022

United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar
Nomination Form for 2021-2022

Webpage for DVS Scheme:

The Distinguished Visiting Scholar Scheme, sponsored by the United College Endowment Fund, was established in 1981. The programme invites internationally renowned scholars to visit the College every year, in order to promote cultural and academic exchanges between the scholar and the College members.

The Scheme for 2021-22 is now open for nomination, and the deadline is on Thursday, 31 December 2020.

Things to note:

• The nominee must be scholastically distinguished.
• The nominee should be a good speaker.
• The nominee can speak on topics of general interests on top of his/her own specialty.

• The nominator must be a member of United College.
• He/she must be able to provide detailed information about the nominee.
• He/she should be responsible for receiving the invited scholar and coordinating the activities during the visit of the invited scholar.
• The readiness of the nominating department to receive the invited scholar is essential and must be assured.
• He/she should assist in preparing the public lecture materials for future publication.

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  • The personal data collected will be used by United College (UC) and the authorised personnel for processing captioned purposes only. All personal data you provided will not be disclosed to any third parties unless with your prior consent.