Generative AI Insights (GAIN) 2024 Registration Form

Generative AI Insights (GAIN) 2024 Registration Form

Registrants who sign up later than 19:00 (HKT) on 9 January 2024 will receive the Zoom details at 08:00 on the conference date, 10 January 2024.

Transcending Abstract Concepts to Tangible Impacts

We immensely thank you for your interest in joining the upcoming GAIN 2024 conference at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on 10 January 2024. Kindly complete the registration form below to facilitate the necessary event arrangements. It will ensure a smooth and successful experience for you.

The current schedule is provisional and subject to adjustments. We will promptly inform you of any changes that may arise.

Meanwhile, we will document the GAIN 2024 conference through photography and videography. By submitting this registration form, you acknowledge and consent to this aspect of the event.

We are honoured to host this annual conference and eagerly anticipate exploring the boundless potential of generative AI in education and research alongside you.

10 JAN 2024 / 09:30 - 17:00 (HKT) / YIA LT2 CUHK + Zoom

Personal Data Collection Statement:
The authorised personnel and organiser will use the personal data collected only for processing registration. We will not disclose all personal data you provide to any third parties except with your consent.