ISCSLP 2012 Registration

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration.

  1. Fill in the information in Section A to G on this page. After pressing the "Submit" button, a Confirmation page and a Registration ID will be created.

  2. Proceed with the payment procedure.

Important Notice: For each accepted paper, at least one full registration must be made on or before October 5, 2012. Each full registration can cover at most two papers.

The registration is already over

Section A: Personal Information

Please complete the following information in English. Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are mandatory.

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Section B: Registration Fee

Registration fee covers admission to all sessions, exhibitions, coffee breaks, and the conference banquet. The registrant will also receive a Program Booklet and an electronic copy of Proceedings (on USB flash drive).

Payment received on or before 5 Oct, 2012 Payment received after 5 Oct, 2012

Full Registration (non-member)

Full Registration (IEEE or ISCA member)
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Student (non-member)
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Student (IEEE or ISCA member)
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For student registration, please send a document proof of the student identity to the registration chair (Dr. Ding Email:

Section C: Paper(s) to be covered (for full registration)


1. The standard fee of a full registration can be used to cover two papers that are co-authored by the registered participant;
2. If a participant wishes to cover more than 2 co-authored papers with one single registration, a higher registration fee will be charged in proportion to the number of papers, i.e.,

Ø  3-4 papers --   2 x standard registration fee

Ø  5-6 papers --   3 x standard registration fee

and so forth
3. As an alternative to (2), the participant may consider asking other co-authors of the relevant papers to make a separate registration (full) to cover the additional papers.
4. Should there be any question, please do not hesitate to contact the registration chair (Dr. Ding Email:

Category Amount Paper No.

Paper(s) to be covered

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Section D: Additional Items (Optional)
Category Price Amount
Additional Proceedings on USB flash drive HK$ 300 each
Additional Banquet Ticket HK$ 400 each

Section E: Tutorials (Free of Charge)

All tutorials will be open to registered participants free of charge. However, you are encouraged to indicate your interested tutorials by checking the respective boxes below.

Tutorial 1:
Dr. Khe Chai Sim, Trajectory Modeling for Robust Speech Recognition
Tutorial 2:
Dr. Dong Yu, Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Using Deep Neural Networks: Insights, Theory, and Practice
Tutorial 3:
Dr. Tomoki Toda, A Statistical Approach to Voice Conversion and Its Applications for Augmented Human Communication


Section F: Other Information

Please indicate any special needs (e.g., vegetarian food).


Section G: Payment

Check one of the following payment methods and you will be directed to another page that gives detailed information and procedures.

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