Sep 2020     Issue 14
The AIST Programme: Growing AI Talent Base
It aims to equip students with the capabilities of designing and implementing AI systems and technologies that can analyze, reason about...
Real-time Terahertz Imaging with a Single-pixel Detector

A research team under the supervisor of Prof. Emma Pickwell-Macpherson have reached a crucial milestone towards commercializing single-pixel terahertz imaging technology for use in biomedical and industrial applications.
A Breakthrough in Photonic Integration Facilitating High-speed Optical Communication to Meet the Increasing Demand

The ever-increasing growth in data traffic requires more powerful transmission networks. To respond to such demand, a group of researchers led by Prof. Xiankai Sun and Prof. Hon Ki Tsang in the Department of Electronic Engineering has revealed a way to use light to convey large rates of data in advanced optical chips.

Nurturing Engineering Leaders in the Secure and Intelligent Connected World

The Department of Information Engineering, founded in 1989, was the first and is still the only Information Engineering Department in Hong Kong. Under the leadership of Professor Sir Charles Kao, the department set up the first Internet connection from CUHK to NASA in the US in 1991, paving way for the speedy Internet connection between Hong Kong and the global network.
Dean of Engineering Elected HKAES Fellow

Prof. Martin D.F. Wong, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, has been elected Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences (HKAES).
Prof. Bolei Zhou Won the WAIC Yunfan Award

Prof. Bolei Zhou, Department of Information Engineering is selected as one of the 20 award recipients of the first WAIC Yunfan Award.
Prof. Shih Chi Chen Received Innovation Award from the China Association of Inventions

Prof. Shih Chi Chen received an innovation award from the China Association of Inventions, which recognizes his outstanding research and invention.

CUHK Won Top Awards at the 6th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The 6th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was organized by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association.
EasyDial System Developed for SAHK

People with complex communication needs, including those with cerebral palsy, dementia, or developmental disorders, do not possess the necessary cognitive-motor abilities to conduct daily verbal communications.
Success in Obtaining Grants from the Research Grant Council’s General Research Fund

In the most recent round of applications to the General Research Fund (GRF) in 2020–21, the Faculty secured a total of $40.3 million from 51 GRF-funded projects.
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