Jun 2020     Issue 13
The Energy and Environmental Engineering (EEEN) Programme - Cultivating Engineers for a Sustainable Future
Sustainability implies living well within the ecological limits of a finite planet.  Today’s engineers need to find holistic and effective solutions to protect our fragile planet while meeting the needs of a growing population.
An Eco-friendly Electrolyte with Skin Cream Ingredients Enabling Stable and Non-flammable Aqueous Li-ion Batteries

A research team led by Prof. Yi-Chun Lu has taken a critical step forward in improving high-energy batteries by introducing a novel electrolyte to the aqueous lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. This electrolyte is commonly used in skin cream.
Game-changing Nanoscale 3D Printing Technology – Femtosecond Projection Two-photon Lithography Boosts Printing Speed by up to 10,000 Times

Ultraprecise 3D printing technology is a key enabler for manufacturing precision biomedical and photonic devices. However, the existing printing technology is limited by its low efficiency and high cost.

Eco-friendly and stable electrolyte to enable high-voltage aqueous Li-ion battery

Prof. Yi-Chun Lu's research finding provides a new platform for designing an aqueous electrolyte with a large-voltage window and high stability for safe, low-cost and eco-friendly energy storage.
Prof. Ming Yu To Receive 2020 Microwave Application Award by IEEE MTT-S

Prof. Ming Yu, Department of Electronic Engineering to receive the 2020 Microwave Application Award of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) for his contribution to the ...
Translating Basic Science Research to Clinical Application Microrobotic Swarms by CUHK Can Navigate in Bio-fluids

A research group led by Professor Li Zhang, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering has developed a strategy that selects the optimised bio-inspired microrobotic swarms in different bio-fluids.
Revealing the Role of Water Vapour in Methanol Atmospheric Reaction for More Accurate Methods for Predicting Atmospheric Reactions

A research team led by Prof. Wei Ren has adopted high-level quantum chemistry calculations to provide a definitive answer to the role of water vapour in some important atmospheric reactions.
IEEE CAS Society 2020 Outstanding Young Author Award

A paper by EE PhD alumnus Kai Kang supervised by Prof. Xiaogang WANG, Prof. Hongsheng LI received the IEEE CAS Society 2020 Outstanding Young Author Award.

CUHK Jockey Club AI for the Future Project

The Faculties of Engineering and Education at CUHK have launched an artificial intelligence (AI) education project with generous support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

Professors Recognised by Inclusion in AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Annual List

The list is jointly announced by Tsinghua-Chinese Academy of Engineering’s Joint Research Center for Knowledge and Intelligence, and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University.
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