Jan 2022     Issue 18
Faculty of Engineering 30th Anniversary

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK. The Faculty was established in 1991 by our former Vice Chancellor and Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Kao, whose vision not only addressed the technological challenges in the early 1990s right before the booming of the Internet, but also positioned the Faculty of Engineering to excel for many years into the future. The Faculty has since grown into a world-class research and education college at CUHK with 6 departments, a 130 tenure-system faculty, and 3,800 students today. It is the excellence of our faculty and students that firmly place us among the best in the world.

Our Faculty excels in a broad range of engineering disciplines. In the most recent Best Global Universities Ranking by US News and World Report, our computer science program is ranked 10th in the world. And in the popular online CSRankings, we are ranked #1 in the world for the combined technical areas of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision, Data, and Design Automation, which are four key technologies driving today’s 4th industrial revolution! The successes of our two unicorn startups, SenseTime and SmartMore, also speak volumes about the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK being a cradle of entrepreneurship.

Throughout the past 30 years, we have been a pioneer in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) research and education in Hong Kong. In 1991, we brought internet to Hong Kong by making the first internet connection between Hong Kong and the US. In 1995, we established HKIX, the first Internet Exchange in Hong Kong. Today, HKIX remains to be Hong Kong’s internet backbone and one of the largest internet exchange points in Asia, with majority of the internet traffic in Hong Kong still flow through CUHK equipment. In 2015, we were named by Thomas Reuters as one of the 10 research institutions in the world with the most impact on telecommunications. On the education front, we established the first Electronics Engineering Department (1970), the first Computer Science Department (1973), the first Information Engineering Department (1989), and the first Biomedical Engineering Department (2017) among universities in Hong Kong. We launched Hong Kong’s first undergraduate degree programs in FinTech (Financial Technology) in 2017 and AI in 2018. We are also currently working with Hong Kong Jockey Club to develop Hong Kong’s first AI curriculum for secondary school students.

Our 30th anniversary is a great opportunity to honour the engineering and technology impacts made by the Faculty of Engineering at CUHK, to celebrate our past achievements, to dream bigger and bolder for future endeavours, and to accomplish even more for years to come.

Prof. Martin D.F. WONG
Dean of Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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