Issue 15 - November 2012 - Table of Contents

SHARING - Innovative teaching and learning strategies at the upcoming Expo

IDEA - Engaging students in classroom interactions with mobile technology (uReply)

TECHNOLOGY - New features of VeriGuide

EVENTS - Forthcoming events (Hong Kong)

EVENTS - Forthcoming events (International)

eLearning @ CUHK
SHARING - Innovative teaching and learning strategies at the upcoming Expo

The Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo this year is to be held on 13 December in the Lee Shau Kee Building.

Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2012

Since 2007, the Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo has been an important annual event for teachers at CUHK to share effective teaching and learning practices, many involving innovative eLearning and mLearning strategies. Amongst them are:

  • Using mobile devices to conduct pre-laboratory exercises, Dr Kin Wah Kendrew Mak, Department of Chemistry
  • The effects of Web-enriched resources in enhancing baccalaureate nursing students' learning of clinical nursing skills, Prof. Janita Pak-Chun Chau et al., Nethersole School of Nursing
  • Critical reflection and Web-enhanced pedagogy: Consolidating international learning, Prof. Jane Jackson, Department of English
  • Architectural narratives with digital manga, Prof. Marc Aurel Schnabel et al., School of Architecture
  • Mobile aid for enhancing self-appraisal of clinical learning, Dr Howan Leung et al., Department of Medicine & Therapeutics
  • Jyutping Dictation Tutor, Prof. Yanhui Zhang et al., Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages
  • Self-study courseware packages to enable students attain key-learning outcomes specific to a compulsory PRS module, Prof. Andrew Burd et al., Division of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Department of Surgery

To register as a participant, visit the Expo website at

For more information, please visit

IDEA - Engaging students in classroom interactions with mobile technology (uReply)


Teachers have the opportunity to use a new Web-based student response system in the CUHK classroom. The system, called uReply, enables teachers to ask a question through the classroom computer and then students reply via their own mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablet/notebook computers. Used in the right way, the tool is able to kick-start engaging and meaningful discussions in the classroom. Here are a few suggestions for potentially engaging activities:

  • Immediate clarification of knowledge: The teacher asks a content knowledge question to make sure students have followed the teaching. Students may discuss in groups and submit group answers. The teacher then clarifies and further explains until the misunderstanding is rectified. Video
  • Opinion poll with discussions: The teacher asks for students' opinions on a controversial issue. Students discuss in groups and then pick standpoints. The teacher then holds an open-class discussion and invites each group to elaborate. Video
  • Relating concepts to real-life: Questions that are about application of knowledge can be asked regularly to make students realize the link between abstract concepts and real-life situations. Students will be more motivated to participate in discussions because everyone has a chance to voice out their opinions through the system.
  • Course-end revision:  The teacher may use the tool for in-class revision before examination. Questions guide students to revise the course topics one by one and teachers can give just-in-time learning assistance based on students' performance.

To open a trial account, please contact Mr. Kevin Wong ( Read more about uReply on the mobile learning project website at

TECHNOLOGY - New features of VeriGuide

Teachers and students should already be familiar with the VeriGuide system. The system had a new update this September. New functionalities include the capability for students to submit group assignments, teachers to preset assignment deadlines, and teachers or authorized administrators to more easily share reports with other VeriGuide users. Also, there is no longer a need for the reporting to wait until seven days after the assignment deadline in the updated system. The original reports are generated/renewed every time a student makes a submission. There is also a new error notification email – the student involved will be informed if his/her submission cannot be analysed (e.g. due to unsupported file formats or corrupted files) to prompt them for resubmission. As for teachers, they will be able to read the error records in the reports they receive.

For more details about the new features, please log in to VeriGuide and go to the "What's new?" section under "Resources".

EVENTS - Forthcoming events (Hong Kong)

Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2012
13 December 2012
Lee Shau Kee Building

Registration as participants is now open at the Expo website (
To learn more information, please visit

ITSC Open-to-all hands-on training workshops & tailored training workshops
The schedule of our open-to-all hands-on training workshops has been released.
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The support team can also arrange tailored workshops for your team (teaching staff, supporting staff and/or teaching assistants); contact us at for more information.

EVENTS - Forthcoming events (International)
Dr. Clayton R. Wright has written a comprehensive list of educational technology conferences for the coming year. We would like to express our gratitude to Clayton for his kindness in allowing us to redistribute the list to interested teachers. Please download the document by following the link HERE.
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