Jan 2019     Issue 9
Faculty of Engineering Launches Master of Science in Financial Technology in Hong Kong
Financial Technology (FinTech), an emerging industry that enhances convenience and efficiency in financial activities through the adoption of data-oriented and smart technologies, is bringing revolution to the financial service sector. The development of innovations such as virtual bank and blockchain technology opens up a new era of financial digitisation which drives up the demand for FinTech talents in Hong Kong. To meet the growing needs, after the introduction of the FinTech bachelor programme, the Faculty of Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will launch a new Master of Science in FinTech programme in 2019/20 academic year, admitting about 50 students in the first cohort. The new programme aims to nurture people who are technologically adept and business savvy who can offer innovative solutions to finance-related industries. Industry professionals with a career plan in FinTech are welcome. Graduates with a bachelor degree in engineering, science or a finance/business-related discipline will be considered favourably for admission. 

Backed by experts in artificial intelligence, cyber securities and financial engineering, the programme covers different FinTech topics, including FinTech Infrastructures, Electronic Payments Systems, Quantitative and Algorithmic Trading, Internet Finance and Financial Informatics. The new programme emphasises hands-on experience and industrial training. Students will have the choice of working on real-life projects under the co-supervision of an academic advisor and an industrial supervisor, in addition to attachments to regulatory authorities and internships opportunities. 

To suit the needs and career aspirations of students with different backgrounds, the programme features a career-oriented curriculum. Students can fulfill the programme requirements via three tracks: (1) Course Track, (2) Practicum Track and (3) Industrial Project Track. Moreover, electives courses are categorised into Technology-Oriented Electives, Business/Application-Oriented Electives and Enrichment Training. Field trips to visit FinTech companies will be arranged to let students observe the operations of these organisations at close quarters. The Faculty also offers entrance scholarships for students with outstanding academic qualifications. 

Prof. Jimmy Lee, Assistant Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering, and Programme Director of the Master of Science in FinTech at CUHK, remarked, "FinTech is transforming the way we make monetary transactions in everyday life. Imagine banking without banks and interacting with robo-advisors for important investment decisions. Hong Kong urgently needs the talents to secure and strengthen our lead in financial services in Asia and the world. After completing the programme in one year (full-time) or two years (part-time), graduates will have acquired advanced knowledge and practical skills in financial technologies. They are well suited for jobs demanding strong technical skills in finance-related industries including banking, insurance, asset management, internet finance, FinTech start-ups and government regulatory agencies." 

For details, please visit: http://fintech.erg.cuhk.edu.hk or email to mscfintech@erg.cuhk.edu.hk for inquiries.

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