Aug 2016     Issue 2
Alumni Banquet held at Silicon Valley to celebrate the Faculty's 25th Anniversary

In celebration of the Faculty's 25th Anniversary, an alumni banquet was held in Silicon Valley on 26 May 2016 at the Milpitas Krystal Ballroom of Crowne Plaza in San Jose.
The evening began with a welcoming reception, during which the Dean of Engineering Prof. C. P. WONG, together with Associate Deans Prof. Irwin KING and Prof. John LUI, provided those attending with an update on the Faculty's latest research development and achievements.

With the support of the CUHK Alumni Association of Silicon Valley, the banquet was well attended, with more than 50 alumni based in Silicon Valley joining in, as well as ELITE students from Hong Kong and several distinguished special guests including Prof. Philip WONG and Prof. Ada POON from Stanford.

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