2021 Apr | Volume 185

Highlight: Upcoming Events / Services of ITSC

We continue providing and enhancing IT services to you this summer.  



Event / Project 


WiFi/VPN/ResNet accept both Email Address and Computing ID as Login ID 

1 May (Sat) 

IP Phone system is upgraded to support a Giga-ethernet connection (service outage). 

17 May (Mon) 

2FA will be enabled in Classroom VPN (Wired network in classrooms) 

Late May 

CUHK Staff can reset their forgotten passwords with self-service online platform. 

1 Jul (Tue) 

ITSC will upgrade information technology infrastructure for next generation campus network (Details). 

Early Aug 

ITSC will update a new face for ITSC website (https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk). 


Training Rooms, 1/F Pi Chiu Building, would be further enhanced to support hybrid teaching.  

Aug - Sep 

ITSC will organize briefing sessions to welcome new staff and new students. 

28 Sep (Tue) 

WiFi/VPN/ResNet accept only Email Address as Login ID from this day onwards.  

Late Oct 

New staff could collect their initial passwords online without an in-person visit.  

You will hear further about these services through 
ITSC website  and ITSC eNewsletter in due course. Stay tuned!  

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Highlight: Upcoming Events / Services of ITSC

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