Aug 2016     Issue 2
Recent success in research funding, GRF-ECS 2016-17

The CUHK Engineering Faculty achieves tremendous success in the  General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) 2016/17, as shown in recent release by the Research Grants Council (RGC).  Thanks to the dedication, passion and efforts of its faculty members, the Faculty has successfully secured a total of $28.8m for 49 funded projects, including 46 GRF projects and 3 ECS projects, with an overall success rate of 49.5%.  In terms of success rate, the Faculty is the best in Engineering Panel for GRF 2016-17 among all UGC funded institutions. This year the research proposals submitted by Prof. Huang Jie and Prof. Chen Nan respectively were rated a full score of 5.0 via a rigorous peer review process by the RGC subject panels which consist of a network of expert reviewers.

The 2016-17 funded projects cover a wide range of engineering topics such as biomedical engineering, communications and networking, big-data analytics, robotics, financial engineering, optimization, optics, etc. Selected examples include:

Principal Investigator

Project Title

Research Area

Prof. CHOI Chung Hang Jonathan

A Novel Polydopamine@poly (adenylic acid) Nanoparticle for Crossing the Blood-brain Barrier and Selectively Targeting Neurons in Vivo

Biomedical Engineering

Prof. BIAN Liming

Bio-inspired Fast-gelation Bioadhesive Hydrogels for Biomedical Engineering Applications

Prof. HUANG Jianwei

Collaborative Economics of Wireless Networks

Communications and Networking

Prof. HUANG Jie

The Certainty Equivalence Principle and the Cooperative Control of Networked Systems with its Applications

Control Systems

Prof. TANG Xiaoou

Unsupervised Deep Convolutional Network Learning of Discriminative Representation

Big-data Analytics

Prof. CHENG James

Building an Efficient System for Large-Scale Graph Analytics

Prof. LI Lingfei

Research Topics for Some Jump Processes in Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering

Prof. CHEN Nan

Simulation from Characteristic Functions

Prof. WU Qi

Asymptotic Analysis of Portfolio Tail Risk and the Diversification Effect under Multivariate Elliptical Distributions for Static Portfolios

Prof. LI Duan

Towards More Effective Convex Reformulation and Relaxation of Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming


Prof. HE Xuedong

Stock Trading with Realization Utility

Prof. SHU Ching Tat Chester

Distortion-Compensated Optical Phase Conjugators for Multi-Wavelength Communication Systems

Optical devices & communications

Prof. CHEN Lian Kuan

High-speed Mobile Visible Light Communications and Networking for Eco-friendly Underwater and Intelligent Transportation Applications

The funded project list is available at

The Faculty will continue to strive for excellence in both basic research and applied research.

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