New Appointments


1 September 2017

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr. Wong Chack-kie (former Associate Director of HKIAPS)

1 November 2017
Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Mr. Lam Woon-kwong, GBS, JP (former Convenor of Executive Council, The Government of the HKSAR)
Ms. Annie Tam Kam-lan, GBS, JP (former Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare, The Government of the HKSAR)

1 December 2017

Honorary Research Fellow
Prof. Kim Yun-tae (Director, Social Policy Center, Public Policy Institute, Korea University)

Policy Research @ HKIAPS

1 January 2018

Prof. Fanny Cheung (Pro-Vice-Chancellor / Vice-President, CUHK; Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology, CUHK; Co-Director, HKIAPS)

Ms. Wan Po-san (Research Officer, HKIAPS)
Dr. Sally Lo (Postdoctoral Fellow, HKIAPS)

Policy Research @ HKIAPS is a university-wide research platform hosted by the HKIAPS. It initiates and supports international, regional, and local policy research by consolidating and strengthening the existing capacity of public policy research at the HKIAPS.

The aim behind the platform is to establish CUHK as a key opinion leader in strategic policy recommendations and to generate impacts in Hong Kong and the region. The platform promotes the translation of academic research by CUHK researchers into public policies and research impact. We are developing cross-boundary and interdisciplinary collaboration on policy research that will support and increase the participation of CUHK researchers in policy pathways at the local, national, and international levels.

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