2021 Apr | Volume 185

A Road to Single Sign-on & 2-factor Authentication

A Road to Single Sign-on 

To bring in convenience to users and security to system owners, ITSC introduced Single Sign-on features with CUHK Login back in 2017. With popular systems e.g. Email, MyCUHK, Blackboard and library online services switching to CUHK Login, users can travel across different IT services by login once. 

If departments have any IT services with a wide range of CUHK users, you can also consider adopting CUHK Login to facilitate your users (Application & Service Details). 

A Road to Enhanced Security of Specific IT Services

For those services requiring a high security standard and confidentiality, 2-factor authentication (2FA) is implemented to avoid unpermitted entry due to lost password. Check out our full list of services with 2FA (via CUHK Login plus campus network) to know what IT services are covered by 2FA. 

Coming up next is the 2FA implementation on ClassNet VPN i.e. wired network in classrooms on 17 May 2021.  

If departments have IT systems which should be carefully guarded, you can consider applying for Implementation of 2FA to Application / System 

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