2020 Jun | Volume 182

University Information Security Policies Published this May

To ensure University IT services and systems are protected, University Information Security Policies are enforced to standardize the security levelThere are two more University Information Security Policies implemented this May: 

  1. Policy to Enforce 2FA Protection for User’ Accounts that Have Been Compromised 
    Users’ accounts that have been detected to be compromised are mandatory to use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) while accessing 2FA integrated applications. 
  1. Mock Phishing Assessment (2019 – 21) 
    During 2019-2021, in order to continue exercising the due diligence and commitment to PCPD, ITSC would conduct another cycle of mock-phishing exercise with a new arrangement on taking a compulsory quiz if one is being baited. 

Find out more at https://www.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/it-policies/information-security-policies/ 

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University Information Security Policies Published this May

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