Social Service Mentorship Training Camp

Social services are one of the core programmes at the College. S.H. Ho College Student Service Mentorship Programme is hereby organized, a year-long service programme in which S.H. Ho students will mentor F.2-4 students from secondary schools and collaborate to develop programme to serve the disadvantaged group. With encouragement and mentorship, it is hoped that the student mentors will develop coaching skills through mentoring the teenagers while the secondary school participants can develop a sense of self efficacy. To cultivate team spirit and equip soft skills of organizing activities, a training camp was held at S.H. Ho College campus and Breakthrough Youth Village from 30 November to 1 December 2013.

This year, S.H. Ho College collaborates with Hong Kong Children and Youth Services and Wah Ming Lutheran Children & Youth Centre to steer the programme. Eight S.H. Ho students and sixteen students from Pok Oi Hospital Chan Kai Memorial College and Fanling Government Secondary School participate will organize two social service programmes. The programme kick-off ceremony was held at the beginning of the camp, after the programme consultant Dr. Angela Shik Wai-yan gave a welcome remark and Dean of Students Prof. Wong Kam-bo, one of the College mentors, introduced the mentors. Sixteen flower pots were put on a table, forming two heart shapes which represented the two secondary schools. Different participating groups watered the flower pots one after another, symbolizing they would wholeheartedly organize the service programmes together and leave impact on each other's life, like flowers blossom after gradual irrigation.

In the 3-day 2-night training camp, the student mentors and secondary school students participated in different team-building activities to build rapport and mutual understanding. They also climbed up the rope course to experience team work and mutual support throughout the challenge they encountered. By the fun-filled activities the participants made friends with one another and more importantly, to respect diversities and serve as team players. These are the soft skills through which their self-confidence and personal growth are nurtured. 

S.H. Ho College Student Service Mentorship Programme is managed by the College, with Dr. Choi Yuen Wan, Mrs. Tzu-leung Ho and Ms. Agnes Lo as advisors. The programme committee is chaired by Mrs. Eva Lo and backed up by a professional team: Dr. Angela Shik Wai-yan as the consultant and College mentors including Prof. Wong Kam-bo, Dr. Ng Pun-hon, Ms. Peggy Yip Pui-sze and Miss Winnie Fung, a registered social worker. Participants will be presented certificates of appreciation after completing the one-year programme.

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