04. 11. 2019 Issue 67
Faculty Research Day 2019

The Research Day 2019 focusing on strategic collaborative research was held on 29 May, 2019. The presentations with diverse and rich content had also attracted over 60 faculty members to join.


It began with our guest speaker from BASF Advanced Chemicals Co. Ltd., Dr. Thomas Holcombe's sharing on the collaborations with Asian universities and its business impact and talent development that such partnerships have brought. Seven faculty members also shared with us their collaborative research projects across different disciplines.

Professor Wu Yilin introduced several remarkable examples of bacterial self-organization which can be dissected using microbial physiology, non-equilibrium physics, and active matter engineering. Professor Xia Jiang talked about devising precise targeting in complex biological systems and its application in disease treatment and biosynthesis of chemicals. Professor Edwin Chan presented his team's work on translating basic science findings from multi-disciplines to clinical application in the area of genetic diagnostics. Professor Fan Xiaodan suggested different methods to help biomedical collaborators draw more accurate conclusions from their data. Professor Amos Tai and Professor Francis Tam brought us an integrated earth system modelling to tackle food-water-energy nexus and sustain planetary health in the 21st century. Lastly, Professor Jimmy Yu, one of the Highly Cited Researchers 2018 in the cross-field category, shared the strategies to make a publication more citable.

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