May 2017     Issue 4
CSE Postgraduate Students Awarded in ISPD 2016 Contest and ICCAD 2016 Contest

Gengjie Chen, Chak-Wa Pui, Wing-Kai Chow, Ka-Chun Lam, Jian Kuang, Peishan Tu, Hang Zhang, students of Prof. Young Fung Yu, won the 2nd Place Award in ISPD Contest 2016 on "Routability-Driven  FPGA Placement". The ISPD 2016 contest was for the first time a routing problem for interconnecting a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). With Xilinx as the sponsor, the contest involved using a Xilinx XCVU095 FPGA, a part in the 20-nanometer Virtex UltraScale family (the XCVU095 has 67,200 configurable logic blocks (CLBs), 880 input/output (I/O) locations, 770 multiplier (DSP) locations, and 1730 block random access memory (BRAM) locations.

PUI Chak-Wa, TU Peishan, LI Haocheng, CHEN Gengjie, students of Prof. YOUNG Fung Yu, won the 1st Place Award in ICCAD Contest 2016 on "NP3: Non-exact Projective NPNP Boolean Matching".  The CAD contest at ICCAD is among premier research and development contests in the field of Electronic Design Automation. Since its inaugural year of 2012, the CAD contest at ICCAD has been a worldwide competition, conducted with joint sponsorship from IEEE CEDA and the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Over the years, the contest has presented challenging problems in varied topic areas, such as, logic synthesis, physical design, design for manufacturability, and 3D IC design. Together with the associated real-world benchmarks and common evaluation frameworks, the contest problems have played a key role in advancing the state-of-the-art in EDA.


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