Jun 2019     Issue 10
MAE Students Shines at Design Competition

A team of MAE students has won the Best Design Award at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Design Competition 2019 (Hong Kong). Under the supervision of Dr. Li Yiyang and Mr. Yu Siuning, they designed a robot for the pick-and-place race.

The ASME competition was hosted by the ASME Hong Kong Section at the University of Hong Kong on 31 March 2019. The theme is to design and build a single remotely controlled robot, which can collect as many balls as possible, and place them in a collection area within a limited time.

Team Members: Lau Sin Pang, So Sze Wing, Kwok Chun Keung

Another student team won the Champion at the 8th Greater China Design Competition which was held in Macau on 23-24 March, 2019.  They have designed a set of self-propelled prototypes for energy relay under the theme of "Energy Relay System". Participants were required to design and develop a scaled-down version of four self‐propelled devices powered by different types of energy sources, which can collectively complete a relay race in the shortest period of time. 

The winning team, led by Dr. Li Yiyang, Prof. Xu Dongyan and the assessor Mr. Martin Leung, has competed among eight contesting teams representing eight universities from Hong Kong, Macau and China.  Over the past eight years, CUHK has won five Champions, one First Runner-up Award and one Most Innovative Award.

The Greater China Design Competition is an university student design competition among Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau universities. The aim is to providing a platform for engineering students to demonstrate and share their engineering knowledge to others, while in parallel strengthen their presentation skills by designing an innovative prototype on the topics ranging from environmental to social issues. 

Team Members:  Au Tsz Him Vincent, Bhattacharjya Eshanee, Chung Sing Yin Derick, Fan Chun Yin,  Ho Siu Sum, Ho Ka Wai , Ho Man Kit, Kwok Chun Keung

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